Site Name Ozone AQI PM2.5 AQI PM10 AQI
Big Sur Ranger Station N/A 23 at 9AM N/A
Carmel Valley AMS 11 at 9AM 19 at 10AM N/A
Gonzales N/A 21 at 9AM N/A
Greenfield N/A 25 at 9AM N/A
Hollister AMS 19 at 9AM 48 at 10AM 25 at 9AM
King City AMS 9 at 9AM 23 at 10AM 38 at 9AM
MBARD Office - Monterey N/A N/A N/A
Pinnacles NM 33 at 9AM N/A N/A
SLV Middle School AMS N/A 3 at 10AM N/A
Salinas AMS 15 at 9AM 25 at 10AM N/A
Santa Cruz AMS 11 at 9AM 8 at 10AM N/A
Soledad N/A 15 at 9AM N/A
Watsonville N/A 38 at 9AM N/A
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Air Quality Index Information
Area Today Tomorrow
Pinnacles National Monument Ozone Ozone
Salinas Ozone Ozone
Santa Cruz Ozone Ozone
Hollister Ozone Ozone
King City Ozone Ozone
Carmel Valley Ozone Ozone
Davenport Ozone Ozone
San Lorenzo Valley Ozone Ozone
Scotts Valley Ozone Ozone
Watsonville Ozone Ozone
Marina/Seaside Ozone Ozone
Monterey Peninsula Ozone Ozone
September 26 through 29 As the high pressure system settles over our area expect clear, warm and sunny weekend with temperatures in the high 68 to 70s coastally for Friday and Sunday, slightly cooler temps expected on Saturday. In land areas can expect temperatures in the 90s+ over the weekend with gusty evenings for the Salinas Valley and Hollister areas. A cool down period is expect early next week with the arrival of a low pressure system. GOOD to MODERATE AQI for PM 2.5 expected over all areas. Ozone and PM10 are also expected to be in the GOOD category.