Site Name Ozone AQI PM2.5 AQI PM10 AQI
Boulder Creek N/A 34 at 12PM N/A
Carmel Valley AMS 19 at 11AM 21 at 11AM N/A
Felton Cal-Fire N/A 32 at 12PM N/A
Hollister AMS 29 at 11AM 45 at 11AM 23 at 10AM
King City AMS 26 at 11AM 54 at 11AM 22 at 10AM
Pinnacles NM 31 at 11AM N/A N/A
SLV Middle School AMS N/A 40 at 11AM N/A
Salinas AMS 24 at 11AM 23 at 11AM N/A
Santa Cruz AMS 22 at 11AM 42 at 11AM N/A
Zayante Fire Station N/A 33 at 12PM N/A
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Air Quality Index Information
Area Today Tomorrow
Pinnacles National Monument Ozone Ozone
Salinas Ozone Ozone
Santa Cruz Ozone Ozone
Hollister Ozone Ozone
King City Ozone Ozone
Carmel Valley Ozone Ozone
Davenport Ozone N/A
San Lorenzo Valley Ozone Ozone
Scotts Valley Ozone Ozone
Watsonville Ozone N/A
Marina/Seaside Ozone N/A
Monterey Peninsula Ozone Ozone
Nov 13 – Nov 16, 2019 Temperatures expected to cool by a few degrees as we transition from a high pressure system to a brief low pressure trough and quick cut off low back to another high pressure system by Saturday. The trough and cut off low will move in Wednesday and move out Friday producing temperatures in the low to high 50s Wednesday and Thursday with a chance of light drizzle Thursday morning in the mountain areas of Santa Cruz and Big Sur. Westerly onshore and Northerly winds also return during this midweek trough. High pressure will move back on Saturday increasing the temperatures for the weekend. The days should be generally sunny with a possible marine layer hanging just off the coast in the morning. Ozone is expected to remain GOOD throughout the week. PM10 may reach MODERATE in Hollister and King City as the onshore flow is expected to slightly increase midweek. PM2.5 is expected to remain GOOD throughout this time however, some areas in San Lorenzo Valley may slip into MODERATE overnight due to wood burning device use.

Basin 24-hr Decision
Thu Nov 14
48-hr Forecast
Fri Nov 15
72-hr Outlook
Sat Nov 16
96-hr Trend
Sun Nov 17
North Central Coast - Coastal Zone Burn Favorable
(High Confidence)
Favorable Unfavorable
North Central Coast - Inland Zone Burn Favorable
(High Confidence)
Favorable Unfavorable
North Central Coast - San Lorenzo Valley Burn Favorable
(High Confidence)
Favorable Unfavorable
Source: PFIRS - Prescribed Fire Information Reporting System