Site Name Ozone AQI PM2.5 AQI PM10 AQI
Boulder Creek N/A 81 at 3PM N/A
Carmel Valley AMS 35 at 2PM 20 at 3PM N/A
Felton Cal-Fire N/A 54 at 3PM N/A
Hollister AMS 41 at 2PM 45 at 3PM 37 at 2PM
King City AMS 13 at 4AM 13 at 3AM 44 at 2AM
MBARD Office - Monterey N/A 51 at 2PM N/A
Pinnacles NM 41 at 2PM N/A N/A
SLV Middle School AMS N/A 30 at 3PM N/A
Salinas AMS 34 at 2PM 38 at 3PM N/A
Santa Cruz AMS 36 at 2PM 50 at 3PM N/A
Zayante Fire Station N/A 44 at 3PM N/A
All times shown in PST Air Quality Index Information
Air Quality Index Information

The above map reflects the most recent Air Quality Index (AQI) for today at each of the air monitoring stations. Station data is refreshed at the top of every hour, but may not be shown immediately due to data transfer and verification limitations. The AQI represents a weighted rolling average concentration over 24 hours for PM10 and PM2.5; and 8 hours for Ozone.

Site:  Parameter:  Hours:
Air Quality Index Information
Area Today Tomorrow
Pinnacles National Monument Ozone Ozone
Salinas Ozone Ozone
Santa Cruz Ozone Ozone
Hollister Ozone Ozone
King City Ozone Ozone
Carmel Valley Ozone Ozone
Davenport Ozone Ozone
San Lorenzo Valley PM2.5 Ozone
Scotts Valley Ozone Ozone
Watsonville Ozone Ozone
Marina/Seaside Ozone Ozone
Monterey Peninsula Ozone Ozone
Dec 3 to Dec 8 There is a high pressure ridge over the west coast. We are currently experiencing pleasant days in the 60s to low 70s and cool nights in the high 40s. The days have been and are expected to continue to be sunny, dry, and breezy. It may be particular breezy Sunday to Monday as a low pressure system moving southward over eastern California and Nevada interacts with the current high pressure ridge. The ridge is expected to last into next week. AQI for both Ozone and PM10 are expected to be GOOD. The AQI for PM2.5 is expected to be GOOD in most areas except for the San Lorenzo Valley area where it is expected to be MODERATE.