Site Name Ozone AQI PM2.5 AQI PM10 AQI
Carmel Valley AMS 13 at 9AM N/A N/A
Hollister AMS 14 at 9AM 8 at 8AM 3 at 8AM
King City AMS 8 at 9AM N/A 4 at 8AM
Pinnacles NM 17 at 9AM N/A N/A
SLV Middle School AMS N/A 6 at 8AM N/A
Salinas AMS 8 at 9AM 28 at 8AM N/A
San Juan Bautista AMS N/A N/A 6 at 8AM
Santa Cruz AMS 11 at 9AM N/A N/A
All times shown in PST Air Quality Index Information
Air Quality Index Information

The above map reflects the most recent Air Quality Index (AQI) for today at each of the air monitoring stations. Station data is refreshed at the top of every hour, but may not be shown immediately due to data transfer and verification limitations. The AQI represents a weighted rolling average concentration over 24 hours for PM10 and PM2.5; and 8 hours for Ozone.

Site:  Parameter:  Hours:
Air Quality Index Information
Area Today Tomorrow
Pinnacles National Monument Ozone N/A
Salinas Ozone N/A
Santa Cruz Ozone N/A
Hollister Ozone N/A
King City Ozone N/A
Carmel Valley Ozone N/A
Davenport Ozone N/A
San Lorenzo Valley Ozone N/A
Scotts Valley Ozone N/A
Watsonville Ozone N/A
Marina/Seaside N/A N/A
Monterey Peninsula Ozone N/A
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